Easy Individual Desserts For A Crowd Or Party


Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or bringing enough desserts to share, these easy individual desserts for a crowd are perfect! They don’t need to be cut or served; they are ready to go.

Making individual-portioned desserts is the best idea ever. It frees up your time so you can spend the party mingling and chatting, not slicing and serving. I’m Annie from Venture1105 and I have a list that you’ll come back to over and over. This list has no repeats!

Easy Individual Desserts For A Crowd

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Best Types of Individual Desserts

In this list, I curated all sorts of desserts. Some of them are a lot easier than others. But all of them taste amazing (and show off so well at parties).

But what are the types of desserts that are easy to make in single-serve portions? These types of desserts never fail:

  • Cookies
  • Individual trifles
  • Cupcakes
  • Cake Pops (or desserts on a stick)
  • Donuts
  • Truffles
  • Muffins

How Many Desserts To Make For A Party

How many desserts you need to make depends on a few things. Before you start to bake, get the following information:

  • How many people will be there
  • How much other food will be at the party

If your dessert is the only one, then I suggest making at least one or two pieces per person. But if you’re adding your dessert to a table full of sweets, then you can probably just make a dozen and be fine.

Easy Individual Desserts For A Crowd

Alright, let’s get to the list! These are the individual desserts that you can take to a party and not have to worry about serving. They are ready for people to grab and serve themselves.

1. Cherry Pie Pops

The first one is perfect for any party, any time of year. These cherry pie pops are easy to grab. Guests can get their own mini cherry pies on a stick. And if you don’t like cherry pie, fill them with apple pie filling or blueberry pie filling.

2. Snowflake Rice Krispie Treats

In the wintertime, you can’t beat these cute snowflake rice krispie treats. They are really easy to decorate and you can make them all look different. Then, set them on a tray and let your guests pick them up. The best thing about them is that they are a gluten-free dessert.

Gathering a small batch of Gingerbread Cupcakes - perfect for the holidays but still delish throughout the entire year.

3. Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread is a classic Christmas flavor. Serving gingerbread cupcakes instead of cookies is a simple way to mix things up. Plus, these cupcakes are a lot easier (and faster) to make than gingerbread cookies.

Chocolate Dipped S'mores on a Stick Summer Party Treat; TrishSutton.com

4. Chocolate Dipped S’Mores On A Stick

What about summer parties? (Or parties that make you think of summer?) Make chocolate s’mores on a stick. They have all the flavors of S’mores without the heat of the fire or the mess of melted marshmallows.

Three oatmeal raisin carrot cookies stacked in a pyramid. Cream cheese frosting in the center of each one so they taste like mini carrot cakes.

5. Carrot Cake Cookies

We all know that cookies are the perfect type of individual dessert. These carrot cake cookies have an incredible cream cheese filling. It will remind you of the homemade cake.

6. Cherry Popovers

These are another classic recipe that you can share at a party. Sweet cherry popovers can be made with apples or blueberries, too. The popovers are flaky and fall part in your mouth in the best way.

Close up of a chocolate chunk cookie topped with crushed peppermint candy canes

7. Peppermint Mocha Cookies

There are going to be quite a few different types of cookies in this list because cookies are easy individual desserts. They are naturally made in single servings. And if you have a holiday or winter party, make some peppermint mocha cookies. They taste like hot cocoa!

Create a delicious breakfast treat your whole family will love with this mouthwatering lemon donuts recipe. It would also be an easy dessert idea for a party or potluck!

8. Lemon Donuts

Anytime is a good time for donuts! Skip the run to the donut shop and bake lemon donuts at home. They are bursting with refreshing flavors. You don’t need any special kitchen gadgets either – just a donut pan!

All fall and winter parties need some pumpkin desserts! Instead of slicing and serving pumpkin pie, make individual pumpkin caramel cookie cups. They are the perfect size for your guests to hold and eat. And the caramel sauce is the best part.

10. No-Bake Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Bites

If you’re going to serve them at a party, I suggest double the recipe for these! A batch of no-bake pumpkin bites will disappear as soon as you set them out. They taste like a combination of pumpkin pie and chocolate truffles.

11. Butterscotch Pudding

It’s amazing how something as simple as serving pudding in a fancy cup enhances the feel of a party. But it’s true! And when you serve Butterscotch Pudding in tiny little cups, your guests will love it! Keep the mini theme going and share them with mini spoons.

12. Easy Chocolate Mousse Cups

Speaking of pudding, how about serving something chocolatey at the party? These rich and creamy chocolate mousse cups are incredibly easy to make. And then serve them garnished with some fresh mint leaves.

13. Colorful Rainbow Cupcakes

These happy little cupcakes can be served at a child’s birthday party, St. Patrick’s Day, or just when you need a little dose of sunshine! These rainbow cupcakes make everyone smile!

14. Mini Bourbon Pecan Pies

In the south, pecan pies are synonymous with fall and winter parties. They are a staple at Thanksgiving meals. So, instead of making a whole pie, make mini pecan pies for your guests.

15. Butterscotch Tartlets

Just like mini pies, these cute butterscotch tartlets are the perfect size for guests to nibble on. They are bite-sized treats that fit in with elegant parties.

16. Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes

Anyone that loves chocolate will adore these rich, creamy chocolate mini cheesecakes. If you top them with mini eggs, they are perfect for easter. If you add peppermint candies on top, they are perfect for Christmas. Change the holiday by changing the topping.

17. Oreo Cheesecake Bites

Speaking of chocolate, Oreo cheesecake bites are rich and decadent too. They taste like what Oreo cookies want to grow up to be one day! Each bite is creamy and tastes so good your guests will want seconds.

18. Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

These strawberry shortcake shooters look just like mini trifles! They are served in glass shot glasses and you can change them to fit in with the party’s theme. If it’s a patriotic party, use both blueberries and strawberries. If it’s a winter party, use pumpkin pie instead of strawberries as one of the layers.

19. Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie tacos

Speaking of pumpkins, skip the pie shapes and make mini tacos! Keto pumpkin pie tacos are easy for guests to grab and eat. And they taste so rich and creamy that no one will be able to tell that they are gluten-free and low-carb.

20. Hugs Peanut Butter Blossoms

Everyone loves a soft peanut butter cookie, right? So change things up and make peanut butter blossoms with Hugs! The sweet white chocolate flavor goes really well with the peanut butter.

21. Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, any holiday is the perfect time for red velvet cupcakes. They are as easy to make as boxed cupcakes, but look super dressed-up with the decorated whipped cream frosting.

22. Mini Cranberry Tarts

Another fancy treat are these cute cranberry tarts made with Phyllo dough. The flaky pastry is the perfect way to hold the tart cranberry filling.

23. Mini Carrot Cakes

And if tarts aren’t your thing, make some cute little mini carrot cakes. They look like bundt cakes but your guests can help themselves to their own little portions! There are so many complementary flavors and textures in these tiny cakes.

24. Galaxy Shortbread Bites

Impress your guests with these bright-colored galaxy shortbread bites. They are the size of mints and their colors will get everyone talking! The best part is that they are actually really easy to create.

25. Easy Affogato Recipe

Finally, if you think some coffee-lovers will be attending your party, make individual portions of affogato. This simple affogato recipe is so decadent that it will slow your guests down as they savor each incredible bite.

Easy Desserts For A Crowd

Make Individual Desserts Ahead Of Time

There you have it! These easy individual desserts for a crowd will fit in with any party, any time of year. Find your favorites and get baking!

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