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Need some ideas for Christmas? Check out these elf on the shelf printables notes for some fun ideas this holiday season!

Hello there! My name is Linda from tortagialla.com and I’m a designer and mama who loves to share printable downloads. Today I have a whole set of elf on the shelf printables notes to give you a head start on the holiday season. It’s super fun to set up scenarios for your kids to find each morning for the countdown to Christmas and you can use these printables to make it super easy!

Preview of elf on the shelf notes on wooden background with kraft paper wrapped presents, red and white twine and candy canes scattered throughout background.

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Whether you already have some ideas or need help last minute, these elf on the shelf printables notes are all that you need. I think your kids will love the fun situations and activities your elf presents each day. With these printable notes you can use the pre-filled ideas or write up your own messages on the blank designed cards.

Although it might seem like too much to add another daily chore for the holiday season, I’m going to share a whole list of prompts below. You can literally just print the cards and take just a few minutes to setup each day! It’s very easy to do even with a busy holiday schedule and your kids will definitely enjoy the surprise. Give elf on the shelf a try this year!

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What You Need:

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  • Home printer
  • White paper 
  • Variety of snacks, holiday decorations and supplies you already have in your household for the holiday season…
Preview of elf on the shelf notes on red background with banner of white ornaments and bells.

Elf on the Shelf Printables Notes

So I know there are some parents who go all out when it comes to the holiday season and elf on the shelf. They love to get their creativity going and invent new and silly situations to put their elf in. Then there are those of us who are quite overwhelmed by the holiday hustle and bustle. So I like to have a plan in place and make it as easy as possible to setup for elf on the shelf each year.

With these free elf on the shelf printables notes you basically have the entire 24 days ready to go in a few minutes. Then it will only take a few minutes of setup each day before your kids get up in the morning. I’ve come up with a list of ideas that are pretty universal and they can also be tailored to your household depending on the supplies you have on hand.

Printable Notes & Ideas

After downloading the PDF, simply print at home and cut out to have all 24 notes from your elf ready to go. I’ve gone through the days and tried to come up with activities that will work for kids of all ages. Here are the ideas that I’ve come up with to position your elf with the printable note for each day:

  1. Welcoming day with Christmas wishlist paper to write
  2. Making a mess of blocks or toy chest
  3. Reading a book
  4. Hanging off a shelf, ceiling fan or high location
  5. Caught in breakfast food shelf/area
  6. Covered with flour
  7. Sitting on couch
  8. Playing with deck of cards 
  9. Tangled in xmas lights
  10. With mug and hot cocoa
  11. Ready to take a bath
  12. Hiding in marshmallows/smores ingredients
  13. Mixed with the laundry
  14. Exercising or yoga positions
  15. Drawing with crayons and paper
  16. With arms crossed on strike
  17. Messing with wrapping paper
  18. Playing with a puzzle
  19. Holding some chocolate treats
  20. With open arms for a hug
  21. Pushing buttons of radio or music player
  22. With a candy cane or broken one!
  23. With craft supplies to make snowman or cards or something crafty
  24. With some treats to eat 
Preview of elf on the shelf notes on white background with scattered star cookies on top.

Write Your Own Messages

Although I’ve included a whole set of ideas for your elf on the shelf this holiday season, you can certainly print out the last page of the free PDF to make your own custom notes. Most of the ideas and prompts I’ve written up are common, but we all have unique households and customs. So I think it makes sense that you might have to make some custom messages and tailor it to your family when necessary.

And for those who are more into the mischievous elf on the shelf ideas, you can certainly write out your own messages that reflect the elf causing much more havoc in the house! I’m more often using the elf the shelf to get my kids to simply do something together with the family that is very friendly and less naughty. But to each his own!

Try A Different Time of Day

So I know that it seems the most exciting for the elf to do something overnight, so you have to setup the situation for your kids to find in the morning. For many this is not a difficult thing to do the night before when the kids are already asleep.

However, if you live in a household where it’s difficult to manage in the night or there is too much hustle and bustle in the morning, consider moving elf on the shelf to a different time during the day. So how does this work? Well, if you live close to family or especially grandparents… it’s actually really cute to say the elf is at a different house. This makes it a little daily trip where you visit another household to see what the elf is up to. This is a great variation to elf on the shelf that involves another household or family members that live in the area who can help out. I think it fosters greater relationships and fun times with other family members for your kids.

Another option is to make up a story for another time of the day that matches the schedule for your household. If your kids are still going to school or attending daycare, perhaps the elf is active when they are gone. So only when they return for the day will they see the shenanigans the elf comes up with. There are many possibilities, so don’t dismiss elf on the shelf even if you aren’t a morning person!

Preview of elf on the shelf notes on gray background with evergreens, beersies and dried fruit decor on upper left and lower right edges.

What’s Next? 

Finally, I hope you enjoy these freebie elf on the shelf printables notes and give it a try this season. If you like printables be sure to check out my blog for more digital freebies – Tortagialla digital printables blog.

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Preview of elf on the shelf notes on white wooden background with  silver ribbons and evergreen leaves on bottom.

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