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Download and print your own wall art with these free vintage printables and use them as papercrafting and journaling supplies.

Hiya there! This is Linda from and I love to design and share digital printable designs. Today I’m sharing a set of free vintage printables that are perfect to use as wall art decor or in papercrafting projects. These neutral designs look great in any home and I love to print out neutral patterned designs to use as paper backgrounds in my journals as well.

Preview of four vintage paper and botanical style art prints on dark slate background with pink flower and foilage on the left.

Scientists say that the environment around you can affect your mood and mindset. So it makes sense to decorate and style your home in a way that makes you happy. Whether you want a relaxing atmosphere or a chic clean aesthetic, I think wall art printables are a perfect option. With free downloads and affordable options online, you can pretty much download any kind of design you want.

I have designed a set of four free vintage printables using my own vintage paper scans as well as some vintage French botanical illustrations. You can use all four designs to create a gallery wall or pick and choose the ones you like to decorate your kitchen and living spaces. I’m a huge fan of vintage designs because they are very neutral in color tone and I think matches everything. And if you love the vintage look, I’ll share more ideas on how you can use them in papercrafting!

Preview of vintage botanical style art print in a wooden frame leaning on white wall on top of wooden drawer with plant deco and white globe decoration on right and large succulent plant on bottom right.

How to Use Free Vintage Printables

It’s super easy to use digital design downloads as art prints for your wall decor. Just download the free set by subscribing below and I’ll be sharing tips on how you can create beautiful wall decor and maximize the uses.

What you need: 

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DIY Tools: 

Get the Printable :

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Preview of lemon vintage botanical style art print on white kitchen wall above countertop with coffee machine and white containers with view of hanging ivy on right side.

Tips on Printing Free Vintage Printables:

Printing Options

As with all digital printables, it’s important to consider your printing options before hitting the print button. That way you minimize mistakes and wasting resources. Consider the size of the art print you would like and what paper and print options you have available.

These free vintage printables have been designed for Letter-sized paper. If your wall space is very large, you definitely want to consider large prints and multiple designs put together to fill up the space. However, even if you have a small wall space, such as in the bathroom, you can still use multiple designs together in a gallery wall format by sizing down the prints. It’s up to you to analyze the space you have and decide on the configuration your prefer for your space.

Also, the type of paper you choose to print on will affect the color and quality of the final print. For example, you can print on regular printer paper at the highest quality setting possible and still get an acceptable final result. However, if you send the images to be printed professionally printed on photo paper, you will definitely get a higher quality look and feel.

Think about where you want to use these free vintage printable designs, decide on your sizes and paper options, then get them printed and ready for hanging. Your space will be transformed with just the addition of beautiful artwork on the walls.

Preview of two vintage botanical style art prints on top of journal with various papers supplies around.

Wall Decor Planning Tips

When it comes to wall decor, it really helps to take a step back and look at your wall space available before making a decision on your art print and framing/hanging options.

As we discussed before, you want to think about the space available and how large your art prints should be. However, you want to also consider the style of the room or surrounding area to help decide on framing options. You can use wooden frames in a variety of colors, floating acrylic frames or just a piece of tape!

Each option will create a different vibe for your environment, so think about what you prefer and what pleases your eye. The possibilities are endless with all the frame options available. So be sure to take your time in considering the options – then make a decision so you can hang up these cool vintage designs. And of course with digital printables, you can always start over and print a different size to try something new to change things up!

Papercrafting Project Ideas

Finally, you can also use these free vintage printables in journaling, collage and other kinds of papercrafting. Essentially you have free patterned paper in your digital library to print out whenever you need it!

I love to make my own envelopes using vintage papers, because the neutral look really matches with everything. We have a printable envelope templates if you need that as a guide. I also like to print vintage paper designs and use them as backgrounds for collage and glue books. I often use patterned papers in my memory keeping and creative journaling as well.

Think about all the different craft projects that require the use of paper. Well, you can print your own paper designs for them, right? So many options! Enjoy!

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I really hope these free vintage printables will help you update your wall decor at home. With digital printables, you have a budget-friendly option to play with and change out with the seasons. Have fun with decoration your space and use the printables for your papercrafting projects as well!

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Preview of four vintage paper and botanical style art prints on wooden planks background.

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