15 Free Teacher Appreciation Printable Cards


Download these free teacher appreciation printable cards for a thoughtful way to let your child’s teacher know how grateful you are for them!

Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama here, and I just love printables! Today I’ve collected all the free teacher appreciation printable cards that you can find right here on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry. Teachers do a lot for our kids and it’s important to let them know how much we value the hard work they do.

Collage of free teacher appreciation printable tags and cards.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May with Teacher Appreciation Day usually on that Tuesday. I’m a planner, so I’m already thinking ahead to this year’s Teacher Day. Of course, you can celebrate your child’s teacher and other school workers any time of the year.

How you say thank you can be a bit more elaborate, like organizing a special breakfast in the teacher’s lounge before school. But even the smallest gesture, like writing a brief note in your child’s homework folder, can mean a lot.

Ideas for the Home by Kenarry is full of free printables and as I started looking for some ideas to save for teacher cards, I realized we have a ton right here designed by contributors.

They’re all so cute! And most only need you to print and cut, or add a small item you can pick up from your favorite store. Gifts cards are almost always a good gift idea!

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies or Ingredients Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

The Best Teacher Appreciation Printables

You can read more about each of these printables and find download info in the blog posts linked in the descriptions, as well as in the Idea Insider VIP Club.

Collage of teacher appreciation printables.

1. Printable gift card holder

This printable gift card holder is simple and elegant. It simply says “thank you” so you can give a gift card to anyone at school, including the librarian or the crossing guard.

Pink polkadot thank you card with a gift card slot.

2. Light house stationery

If you’d like to write a longer note to your child’s teacher, grab this lighthouse stationery. It includes lined paper and a matching envelope with cute nautical illustrations.

Lighthouse stationery with lined pages and an envelope.

3. Colorful thank you card

These two printable thank you cards are bright and colorful with plenty of space for a sweet message inside.

Bright green card and pink, blue, purple card with thank you text repeated.

4. Gift certificate

Not sure what to give a teacher or can’t get it in time? Why not gift them a gift certificate for something on their classroom wishlist or volunteer your time to help in the classroom!

Gift certificate with lines for writing in the item, a date, and who it is from.

5. Flower thank you cards

Linda always designs the cutest printables and these pink and green floral thank you cards are no exception. They would be a thoughtful way to thank anyone you know.

Two thank you cards with pink spring flowers and green monstera leaves.

6. Owl remember card

Print this cartoon owl card and let your child fill in the lines with three things they’ll always remember about their teacher and what made this school year special.

Paper free teacher appreciation printable card with

7. Thanks A Latte

If a teacher you know loves Starbucks (or coffee in general), then this coffee Teacher appreciation card is perfect! It was designed to hold a gift card so you can give them a card to their favorite coffee house – all with a cute pun. Thanks a latte, teachers – we appreciate you so much!

8. Reading thank you card

Learning to read is really a gift that lasts a lifetime – and something my kids were always excited about at school. Add a gift card to a local bookstore and this reading teacher card is ready to go.

Free teacher appreciation printable card with a drawing of a stack of books and text that reads

9. Thank you for helping me grow card

Say “thank you for helping me grow” and pair this printable card with a potted plant, a seed packet, or a garden-themed item like a keychain or book.

Child holding a potted plant with a tag that reads

10. Spring watercolor note cards

Lori has designed several gorgeous watercolor note cards for Kenarry readers, like this spring watercolor note card. There are also cards in this series for summer, fall, and winter. Say thank you any time of year!

Four white cards with watercolor spring flower illustrations.

11. Tortoise joke teacher appreciation card

If your child’s teacher loves puns (and who doesn’t!), snag this funny tortoise knock knock joke card. It’s perfect for elementary reading and writing teachers.

Card with a tortoise on the front and text that reads

12. Spring carrot thank you card

Although this “thank you bunches” card was created for Easter, it would be a thoughtful gift all spring.

Card tied to a gift that says

13. Coffee note cards

What teacher doesn’t need a bit of caffeine to power through the day? Add a gift card to a local coffee shop or a special treat with a coffee note card. There are designs for tea and cocoa too!

White folded card with a mug of coffee drawing and text that reads "coffee: the best perk of the morning."
Printable Notecard for Coffee Lovers!

14. Chocolate acrostic card

For the teacher who is as sweet as chocolate, this chocolate themed card is perfect. Have your child fill in the acrostic and add your teacher’s favorite treat.

A bag of candy with a tag tied to the front with an acrostic for the word chocolate filled in by a child for a free teacher appreciation printable.

15. Thanks a latte teacher card

With this last punny card in our free teacher appreciation printable list, you can tell your child’s teacher “thanks a latte” and treat them to something special.

Teacher appreciation card that says

We love teachers and if you’re reading this, you do too! Save this post so you can come back to it every year for more fun and creative ways to say thank you with free teacher appreciation printable cards.

15 free printables for teacher appreciation.

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