25 Spring Crafts To Make And Sell


These are the best-selling spring crafts to make and sell. Browse the ideas on this list and find a few things that you can resell for a profit!

Hi, this is Annie from Venture1105, and I am really excited about this list! Sure, spring crafts are a ton of fun to make and use around your house, but it’s also a blast when you can sell them too! Do you have an Etsy shop? Or maybe you just sell your crafts as a side-hustle to family and friends. Either way, these crafts are very popular and the best choice to make and sell.

25 spring crafts to make and sell.

Even if you don’t enjoy selling your crafts, these are cute crafts that you can make with your kiddos or friends.

Tips For Making And Selling Crafts

Before you start to make any of these crafts with the hopes of selling them, please read these tips.

First, always check the rights associated with the crafts you are making – especially if you are going to use an SVG or PDF on your crafts and sell them for a profit. All of the free printables and SVGs on Ideas For The Home by Kenarry are for private, personal use only. That means you can’t download and use them on crafts that you are going to sell. Please contact us about commercial license options.

I did not include any crafts on this list that have personal rights only restrictions. Please, if you find SVGs on Google, check the rights first.

Put Your Own Creative Spin On It

Don’t just make exact duplicates of crafts you find online. It’s perfectly OK to use them as inspiration, but you should always make a little something different about your craft. What is it about your creation that sets you apart from the others? That is what will help them sell!

Personalize The Crafts

This kind of goes along with the tip to put your own spin on it, but I wanted to point it out. When you make crafts to sell, you’ll sell more of them if you offer to personalize them. Some of the easiest ways to personalize things are colors, monograms, and even specific flowers and decorations.

Be Proud Of What You Make

Finally, put your heart into whatever you make! This is what will attract people to your creations. When they see something that you really loved making, they will be drawn to it and want to buy it.

25 Best Spring Crafts To Make And Sell

Alrighty, crafters! Get your glue-guns ready, these are the crafts that people are buying! First, I’m going to share some of my must-have DIY tools that you’ll definitely use! Then, I have a list of the 25 best spring crafts to make and sell.

What you need: 

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DIY Tools Needed: 

1. DIY Chalkboard Sign

One thing that always sells really well is beautiful wall art. This watering can chalkboard sign fits within almost any type of decor. When you add the flowers on top, it makes the art really pop in a 3D way!

2. Jute Twine Wreath

Wreaths are also very easy to make and sell – and they are in high demand too! Make this adorable rustic spring wreath with jute twine. The best thing about this wreath is that it can last through multiple seasons.

3. Wall Art Out Of An Old Window

People love to buy repurposed rustic art pieces. If you can find an old door or windows, then turn it into a lovely piece of wall art. What I love about this idea is that you can’t just duplicate it because no two windows or doors are exactly alike!

Go to flea markets or thrift shops and find some old window frames and have a blast creating your own art.

4. Mason Jar Planter

Rustic ideas are still in and so are mason jar crafts. Mason jars are really affordable and there are so many different ways you can use them. I like cute this mason jar planter turned out. What else would you put inside of it?

5. Simple Embroidery Hoop Spring Wreath

Another really popular wreath you can sell is made out of an embroidery hoop. This embroidery hoop spring wreath is so elegant and simple. Think of ways to personalize it for your customers.

6. BoHO Birdhouse

People love to buy things that they can use to decorate their yard too. This Boho Birdhouse is so vibrant and fun! You don’t have to make the birdhouse, just buy an unfinished one and paint it or decoupage it.

7. Polymer Clay KeyRings

A personalized key chain will definitely be popular (and cheap to ship!). In fact, if you are looking for crafts that kids can make and sell, polymer clay creations are a fantastic place to start.

8. Embroidery hoop wall art with flowers

This spring-time wall art is super-easy to personalize and there are thousands of ways you can make them. Sell them as housewarming gifts.

9. Rainbow house number

People loving buying modern house numbers too. You can even offer to paint them in the colors the customer chooses.

10. Butterfly Spring Wreath

Think outside of the box when you make wreaths to sell. Bring the outdoors in with something like this butterfly spring wreath. I love how the moss looks just like grass!

11. DIY Galvanized metal planter

Do it yourself and age galvanized metal for lots of projects you can sell. You can also take this idea and buy older metal buckets, fix them up, personalize them, and sell them as rustic planters as well.

12. Personalized grapevine wreath

People love buying personalized things. This rustic grapevine wreath is simple and since you can make it in just a few minutes, you’ll earn even more profit!

25 spring craft ideas for your handmade business.

13. Kintsugi Tile Coaster

Since Kintsugi tile coasters take a bit more time, people will love buying them, so they don’t have to make them. This is the art of breaking tile and then gluing it back together again. It’s a lot of fun and creates a stunning effect.

14. Orange Floral Soaps

Another straightforward craft that people love to buy is homemade guest soaps. This orange bergamot soap smells Heavenly. Make a list of all the different essential oil combinations and start selling soaps seasonally.

15. Spring Wreath With Cupcake Liners

A spring wreath made from cupcake liners is perfect for selling for birthday party decorations. You could also sell a DIY birthday banner to go along with the wreath!

16. Rainbow Bead Necklace

Jewelry is really light and easy to ship! Make this rainbow bead necklace; it is a colorway and theme that sells all year long. Plus, it’s so lightweight that it is super easy to ship!

17. Decoupage letters

People love to decorate with wood letters on bookshelves and as wall art. Make a spring-time letter with floral scrapbook paper. You can take this idea and change the colors of the letters to match the seasons too.

18. Hanging wall Organizer

How about spending some time with woodworking? This hanging wall organizer is easier to make than you might think. It has a lovely antique and rustic charm to it, and it’s beneficial too.

19. Easter Egg Wreath With Burlap Ribbon

This festive spring burlap wreath is bursting with Easter eggs! Burlap wreaths are very popular and people love to buy them because they don’t have the time to make them.

20. Transfer Photos To Stone

You don’t need any fancy equipment to make these cute bookshelf decorations, just a printer! People will love it when you transfer photos to stone and they see the people they love on smooth rocks.

21. Monogrammed Wood Stovetop Cover

This monogrammed wood stovetop cover is better to sell to people locally since it is so heavy. It turns the stove into a useable surface for parties and gatherings.

22. Personalized Layered Paper Jewelry

Another cost-effective thing to make and sell is layered paper jewelry. This is also another craft that kids can make and sell. You can personalize them, and there are endless designs you can make.

23. Nautical Spring Wreath

As the weather gets warmer, people are going to want to spend more time in the water. Make this rustic nautical spring wreath with rope!

24. Paint Vases

Another type of spring crafts to make and sell is a painted vase. Let the customer pick out the paint colors or create a few of them and keep them in your inventory.

25. Lavender Goat’s Milk Soaps

Lavender is the perfect scent for spring! These cute seashell goat’s milk soaps are fun to make. Browse craft stores for different shapes of soap molds; there are many cute options out there!

There you have it! I hope you found a few ideas and have fun reselling your crafts after you make them! It’s a really rewarding way to turn your passion into a little side-hustle.

What’s Next

When you are looking for spring crafts to make and sell, wreaths are a very popular choice! Here are a few more wreath ideas on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® –

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